We provide you with a chance to learn electrical work technology, especially the technology relating to infrastructure.

Japan is highly reputed for “its public properties” such as a train, road and bridge.
Water supply and sewerage technology is particularly Japan's pride to the world.
Processed water in Japan is so clean that anybody can drink it.
Water processed through a sewage treatment plant can be directly drained into a river.
We are a company conducting electrical works of the public properties and leading manufacturers' facilities.
We'd like you to make the most of this chance to learn the electrical work technology and
its sales skills so that we can find a talent who can be actively involved in our business in your home country.
Those who will learn the skills and develop our business back in your home country are very welcome!

Company Name
Kadokura Techno, Co., Ltd.
Head Office Address
3-1-5, Kamikoide-machi, Maebashi-shi, Gunma prefecture
Business Category
Electrical work
and electrical communications facility construction business
Business Details
  • Electric lighting and power facility construction
  • Instrumented plant electric facility construction
  • Water and waste processing plant electric facility construction
  • Biomass, micro hydroelectric and photovoltaic power generation facility construction
  • Communications and monitoring electric facility construction
  • Electric facilities construction required for meteorological observation
  • Facility construction utilizing a pneumatic caisson construction method
  • Traffic light and storage battery facility construction
  • Power generation facility construction
  • Introduction of energy-saving lighting and construction work for introducing LED lighting
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
E-mail : saiyou@kadokuratech.co.jp

Message to overseas students
studying in Japan

With mottoes of “employees as a family”,
“employees’family as a family”,
“employees as a treasure”,
we are a homey company valuing
Offering consistent employee trainings, we
are actively establishing the work
environment where each of our employees
can work in a comfortable manner.